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For Family Start agencies

This section provides information and resources to support the 33 agencies funded to provide the Family Start programme throughout New Zealand.

The Family Start Programme Manual

Agencies providing Family Start services are required to deliver services in accordance with this Manual.  It provides detailed information about Family Start service delivery and practice and sets out the intent (policy and meaning) and process to be followed by providers of Family Start.

Approval Assessment Process

The approval assessment process for all social service providers funded by the Ministry of Social Development is managed by the Child, Youth and Family Services approval team

The Standards for Approval uses two sets of standards to evaluate the quality of a provider and its ability to provide an effective service:

  • business viability (including finance, monitoring and governance)
  • programme quality (including client intake and assessment, client planning and services planning).

FS Net - Family Start Reporting

FS-Net is a web-based information tool that assists Family Start providers with their case management, as well as generating reports on Family Start's progress and performance.  Access to FS-Net is for Family Start providers only.