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Online Application Form

The Community Response Fund Online Application Form is an interactive pdf that allows applicants to complete the form electronically.


  • Download the online application form from the website to your computer. This is an interactive form which can be filled in electronically.
  • Fill in the form and save the file as your organisation name. We will use this file name to identify your application during processing.
  • The application form contains drop down and selection options. Use these where applicable.
  • Answer the questions in the cells provided. There is additional space provided at the end of the form if required.
  • Make sure all sections of the application form are completed with supporting documentation attached.
  • Incomplete applications may not be considered for assessment.
  • It is mandatory to supply the last two years audited financial statements, or similar.

Filling in the form

Step One: Click on the link below and save the Application Form to your local desktop.

Step Two: Fill in the application form.

Step Three: Submit your completed application form using the SUBMIT button on the final page of the pdf. This will open an email addressed to the fund administrator. To send yourself a copy of the form, put your email address in the cc field.

You will receive confirmation your form has been received within three working days.

Post any outstanding documents to:

Postal address:
Project Administrator
Community Response Fund
Family and Community Services
PO Box 1556
Wellington 6140

Courier address:
Project Administrator
Community Response Fund
Family and Community Services
Level 3, West Block, Charles Fergusson Building
Ballantrae Place

Assistance completing the Application Form

If you need assistance to completing this application you can: