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Are you eligible to apply?

The Fund is for community-based critical social services providing support directly to families, children, young and older people that can meet the Fund’s Criteria (link to criteria page) and address the following priority areas:

  • family violence
  • child abuse and neglect
  • budget and financial advice
  • sexual violence
  • early intervention for vulnerable and at risk children and families
  • families under stress
  • vulnerable and at risk young people
  • vulnerable and at risk older people

The Fund is open to critical social services, including those not currently funded by the Ministries of Social Development or Justice.

 What's not covered under the Fund

Funding will not be provided for the following:

  • ongoing operational costs past the duration of the fund
  • pre-existing NGO funding or demand issues
  • community-based primary, secondary or tertiary health and early childhood, primary, secondary
    and tertiary education services
  • general information and advice, e.g. educational and publicity material and events
  • support for organisations in their public advocacy role
  • support services provided by umbrella groups to their affiliated members
  • capital items, for example, vehicles or furniture
  • retrospective projects
  • food.

National organisations

Nationally contracted organisations which currently operate within a single national contract and whose finances are managed nationally, will be able to submit a consolidated application to the Community Response Fund.

Applications from nationally contracted organisations will still be subject to the same Fund criteria and reporting requirements, but will not go through a regional panel.

To avoid duplication, nationally contracted organisations can apply either regionally or nationally but they cannot submit applications for both processes.

The principle applying to a maximum grant of up to $50,000 per local office for applications made to regional panels will apply similarly to national applications. The level of grant that may be made will have regard to the impact of the economic situation on the financial viability and/or local demands specifically faced by each of the offices covered by the national application.

Umbrella Groups

The Community Response Fund is designed to directly support the delivery of services to families, children, young people, and older people. Umbrella groups providing services directly to families can apply. The fund is not available for support services provided by umbrella groups to their affiliated members.

Organisations that are members of umbrella groups are able to apply directly to the Fund.

If you are not sure whether you are eligible for this Fund

  • Contact your Funding Advisor if you are already funded by the Ministry of Social Development
  • Email us at
  • Call our toll free Community Response Helpline on 0800 777 100