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Who we are

Family and Community Services is a service of the Ministry of Social Development. We were established in 2004 to lead and co-ordinate government and community actions for families and communities.

We are a funder, provider, leader and co-ordinator of support services for families. Our focus is the delivery of early intervention and prevention services and programmes for families, and activities that strengthen the people and organisations working in communities that support them.

Our vision - what we want to achieve

A New Zealand where strong, capable families living in vibrant, connected and safe communities reach their full potential.

Our mission - what we do

Our work helps families to help themselves so they can cope in times of adversity and become full participants in the economic, social and cultural life of New Zealand.

FACS Foundation

Our values - what we believe

Our values underpin our work and guide our approach in working with others to support children and families: 

We believe in……

  • teaming up to make a difference
  • working together collaboratively to achieve greater things than what we could by working alone
  • a ‘can do’ attitude so we ‘can deliver’
  • putting people first
  • respecting the people we work with and the commitment they have working for families
  • using our initiative to work proactively for families by engaging the family and community sector in a way that connects and strengthens all those we come in contact with.

Our patch

Our sphere of interest includes:

  • family functions and family relationships
  • social cohesion and participation - the long term social wellbeing of New Zealand families
  • participation of families in community life
  • the strengths of community-based social services.
FACS Patch

Our focus

We work with communities, neighbourhoods, whānau and families focusing on:

  • developing and funding integrated early intervention and prevention services for families and whānau
  • improving families and communities access  to information and advice so they can easily get the help they need
  • improving the partnership between government and the community sector working for families, children and young people through the way we fund and contract them
  • strengthening community organisations that provide social services for families
  • encouraging collaboration so families can get access to services in one place through one point of contact.
FACS Focus